Issue 007: Nature ft. Astra Lumina

Issue 007: Nature ft. Astra Lumina

Letter from the Curators

In the last issue we covered urban intervention—indeed the work of those we've highlighted thus far often lives in urban environments. So it's probably not surprising that nearly every artist we've interviewed has mentioned nature as an inspiration for their work. It serves as the perfect complement, an opposite vibration to what we're used to in our urban lives. For most, it represents feelings of calm and quiet, and we view it as the place for inspiration.

It was hard to narrow down this week's curation, but it's anchored beautifully with the start of something new here.

Today, we're excited to unveil the next part of our interview series, titled "A Look Behind the Curtain...," building on the foundation set by "A Conversation with..." In these segments, we aim to provide a deeper understanding of specific installations. Moving forward, each issue of our newsletter will feature content from either "A Conversation with..." or "A Look Behind the Curtain...," offering our readers either an insightful interview or an in-depth examination of an experience.

To kick this off, we visited Astra Lumina in Los Angeles, billed as “an enchanted night walk that guides visitors on a journey to discover the wonder of visiting stars. Through the magic of projections, lighting, and music, astral energy transforms the garden into a celestial pathway, connecting visitors to the stars and the vast world around them.”

We spoke with the revered studio that created the Luminas, Moment Factory. You're really going to like this one.

Thanks for joining us,
Lee & Dorothy


We spoke with Multimedia director, Thomas Pintal and Co-Founder & Executive Creative Director, Sakchin Bessette about the magic behind the Lumina series.

Thomas shared,

When we arrive on site, the most important thing is the relation we will establish between the installation and the nature that surrounds it.

And Sakchin detailed the origins,

Inspired by the forest’s essence, the collaborative creativity between our team and the local community ignited the creation of the first Lumina.

This is one you don't want to miss:

Photo courtesy Moment Factory

Nature Curated

If you enjoy our featured installation, here are other projects you might like:

"Oasis" by artist Arne Quinze is a 150 metre-long sculptural work of colourful beauty, is located in Cairo.

ENESS' "Airship Orchestra" is a collection of mystical beings, resembling a tribe from distant stars, adorned with galaxy-streaked skin and voices reminiscent of stardust.

Dale Chihuly is a renowned glass artist known for his breathtaking, larger-than-life sculptures that captivate with their vibrant colors and intricate forms.

"EDEN", a 3D colour photography installation created by artist Maggie West, appeared at Coachella 2023.

Artist David Popa channels his passion for Street Art/Contemporary Muralism into creating ephemeral earthworks using all-natural pigments and source water, captured via drone, inviting viewers to contemplate life's fleeting nature and appreciate its wonders.

Yayoi Kusama, the prolific Japanese artist, mesmerizes audiences with her avant-garde installations and vibrant artworks that explore themes of infinity, obsession, and the human experience.


News, tools, and launches you should know about.

XP Land has posted a recap of experiential at SXSW.
Tickets are on sale for No Proscenium's Los Angeles Immersive Invitational.
Apply to attend Runway's AI Film Festival.
What's being called the "first AI art spatial painting in space" has launched.
Final call for this year's World Experience Organization Summit!

Divergent Inspiration

We believe some of the most powerful inspiration comes when we least expect it. Each week we'll share something that has us excited, outside of our normal source of material.

Be Like Water

This week's challenges pushed my stress to its limits, clouding my clarity and creativity. Seeking solace, I turned to the wisdom of the Tao Te Ching, finding resonance in its metaphor of flowing like water. Embracing its adaptable nature. This really helped clear my mind in order to navigate the chaos.

This philosophy underscores the importance of remaining open to change, symbolising adaptability and resilience in life's journey. Water's gentle yet powerful essence teaches us to gracefully navigate obstacles, emphasising humility and non-attachment, ultimately guiding us towards acceptance, surrender, and interconnectedness.

Water is fluid, soft, and yielding. But water will wear away rock, which is rigid and cannot yield. —Tao Te Ching


The Creative Act: A Way of Being

Sometimes you pick up a book and it makes you stop doing everything else. This is one that will live with me forever. Every single page has me saying "yes!" out loud as Rick Rubin brings decades of creative genius to the pages.

Rick is one of the most influential people in pop culture and has had a hand in more music than you probably realize. He's now in his '60s and sharing his accumulated wisdom.

His intentions are so clearly to inspire and not about self-branding, which is itself inspiring and a reminder to focus on your mission and not let ego get in the way. I can't recommend this book enough, just go buy it now.


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