Issue 006: Urban Intervention ft. SpY

Issue 006: Urban Intervention ft. SpY

Letter from the Curators

We check in weekly with each other, and with ourselves, to ensure our content stays true to our original vision. At the heart of it, we aim to dive deeper, offering both our audience and ourselves a chance to forge a closer bond with artists we admire. All of us are interested to know more about what goes into producing captivating convergent artwork.

This goal has evolved, as we've come to also use it as an opportunity to remind ourselves to slow down, be present, ask questions, and keenly observe (perhaps even shape) the world around us. This overarching theme is evident in much of our content and our approach to interviews.

So the theme this week is particularly potent, because we believe Urban Intervention is itself a powerful convergence of our missions. Artists in this space aim to disrupt the daily grind, if only for a second, to broadcast a broader message, or shift how audiences perceive something in their environment.

It's a nudge reminding us that art can, without invitation, weave into our daily lives and influence our senses, thoughts, and perceptions. This comes with the responsibility to be mindful and deliberate.

We hope today's newsletter encourages you to pause, explore works you're unfamiliar with, and contemplate how you might disrupt your own environment.

Thanks for joining us,
Lee & Dorothy


The enigmatic artist reveals his origin, motivation, and challenges behind some of his biggest work, and blows our mind with scale.

The many years I spent devoted to this kind of street work keened my senses to the city as a unique setting full of untapped potential for art making.
A work of 25 meters high can be interpreted as something small between large buildings in a city.

He also talked about our responsibility as artists:

We are living in an era of digital hyperconnectivity, where we are drowning in the abundance of standardized images, I think that art has the responsibility to create new concepts and more demanding experiences on the interpretative level.

Urban Intervention Curated

If you enjoy our featured artist, here are other projects you might like:

Lee Baker and Catherine Borowski united under the banner of Graphic Rewilding to combat the urban green void. Their goal? To create vibrant, maximalist artworks and immersive installations inspired by flowers, injecting positivity into urban spaces where greenery is scarce.

Steve Messam, an environmental artist, specializes in ephemeral, site-specific installations that reimagine ordinary spaces. By interrupting historical landscapes and vacant architecture, he prompts us to perceive familiar environments in fresh, unexpected ways.

Incredible land artist Jim Denevan’s work ‘Self Similar’ was created in Abu Dhabi as a central part of a city-wide light art exhibition

Daniel Popper is known for his captivating large-scale sculptures that blend natural elements with human form, inviting viewers to have a introspective experience.

In every piece he crafts, SAYPE encapsulates the fragility of our societies and the collective challenges we confront. He immortalizes the fleeting essence of his monumental frescoes, crafted on grass, earth, sand, and snow in various corners of the globe, leaving a lasting impression on paper.

Alex Chinneck is celebrated for his innovative and surreal architectural installations that playfully challenge the boundaries of reality, often defying gravity and perception with mind-bending illusions.


News, tools, and launches you should know about.

Disneyland Forward proposal advances after Anaheim Planning Commission vote
The Paddington Bear Experience is opening in London, May 2024.
The AVIXA Foundation is excited to announce the opening of the Brad Sousa Impact Fund with a $50,000 contribution from AVI Systems.
Universal Files Patent for ‘Interactive Way-Finder’ Wearable Navigation Device
DragGAN has released its source code. It aims to solve a critical generative AI problem: hyper-specific regional generation, aka keeping your image the same but turning a head, changing a specific component, etc.
McDonald’s launches LA immersive dining experience for new WcDonald’s sauce
The World Experience Organization will be holding its World Experience Summit in New York, June 12-14 2024.

Divergent Inspiration

We believe some of the most powerful inspiration comes when we least expect it. Each week we'll share something that has us excited, outside of our normal source of material.

Pushing Limits

Exhaustion become my constant companion over the last three days, trailing behind me like a shadow. Was this insomnia, no, just a insanely tight timeframe. The fog of sleep deprivation clouded my thoughts. Each day melded into the next in an unyielding cycle of wakefulness and weariness. Yet, despite the overwhelming fatigue, I persisted, refusing to succumb to the urge to collapse. It's remarkable what our bodies can accomplish when the need arises. Last night, I managed to sleep so deeply that there was no room for dreams. Despite feeling weary today, I'm immensely proud of what my team and I accomplished. A good cup of coffee and I’m back!



Long on my bucket list, I finally made my way to Oaxaca this past weekend. A vibrant city that's busting at the seams with creativity, it's most widely known for its mole, mezcal, and art. It's also small enough that you can run into the same people again and again, which always helps a place feel more communal.

We happened to be there during an anti-femicide protest which was both thrilling and humbling. I left there with a renewed sense of direction, inspired by the sheer amount of energy being expended by passionate creatives there.


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